everyday. lake calhoun

When kids wake up at 530am, sometimes there is nothing better than getting out of the house by 7am. So we arranged a “surprise adventure” morning with Ethan complete with donuts and climbing and swimming and family! It felt like a vacation to us and we took the opportunity to enjoy the warm summer weather at Lake Calhoun.

IMG_6607 IMG_6615 IMG_6653 IMG_6630 IMG_6510 IMG_6529 IMG_6559 IMG_6583

By the way. Did you know that sunlight at 8am is perfect for photos? Maybe not because in another life, some people would want to still be eating breakfast in their PJs on a saturday morning. But ya know….and plus my hubby grabbed these beautiful photos. Ah my little girl!!

IMG_6552 IMG_6549 IMG_6550 IMG_6554

Since Luke/Alyssa/Tia are ALSO up way too early we decided to meet up and spent several hours walking/talking, playing/splashing, and just enjoying the company.
IMG_6759IMG_6688 IMG_6692 IMG_6702

This was Evy’s first beach experience. Both she and Tia did well. For about 10 seconds. Then the combo of cold water and near-nap-time prompted this reaction…..


….So we stuck with sand-playing. Which also lasted about a minute. But they did so great!


Ethan on the other hand was TOTALLY fine in the water. Happy as a duck. Do remember Ethan just 2 years ago? My how he grows……


Oh and one more thing. Evy loves Matt. Loves loves loves him. This smile when he tosses her in the air is completely genuine. I love it.

IMG_6732 IMG_6735 IMG_6737Happy Summer Ya’ll!