echoing. strong men

Some men are so harshly judged by their communities. Sometimes they are only portrayed as workaholics, inconsiderate, and oblivious. Some men walk away from their families and commitments. Some men drive through life not stopping to enjoy or breathe. Some men struggle to talk about feelings or go deep or demonstrate selflessness.

The men in my life are none of these things. In fact, they are the antithesis of these things. I am incredibly blessed.

The men in my life are strong and fierce. They adore their wives and constantly look for ways to outlove them. They work long hours and take long vacations. They snuggle with their families and with our kids. They are loyal to their own needs and constantly meet the needs of others.

They are pilots and computer geeks and mechanics. They are teachers and counselors and musicians. They are farmers and accountants and athletes. They are creative and intelligent and wise. They are brothers and sons and husbands and uncles. They are grandpa’s and papa’s and great-grandparents. They laugh abundantly and hold to their convictions. They are STRONG.

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Matt. You are an incredible dad. Even when days you don’t identify as yourself in that role, it’s because you are so good at it. You embody fatherhood. You embrace it and run with it. And even when you’re tired of it, you STILL fight through the day to wake up the next day ready to go. What a gift our kids have having you as a role model.

And a special note to my dad. You are so wise. Your life experiences has drawn you closer God and the importance of that relationship has always been so evident to you children. You teach and model staying strong to your convictions even when it goes against the flow. Towards mom, you have always been supportive and tender and it speaks of your love to her. Our son talks frequently about Papa and his paper-airplanes and tennis and swimming and motorcycle (“that reeeeal hot, give papa owy, be reeeeal careful, otay??”). Our daughter is content to sit in your lab and coo and laugh. What an amazing dad and papa you are. We love you!