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So I did stopmotion photography for our AMAZING EPIC PERFECT Colorado trip! But it means over 1200 photos to sift through. So. It may be a week until I get that done. But I can’t WAIT to show you the photos.

These two. The perfect hosts. Fresh amazing food. Selfless. Flexible. Hilarious. Our truest friends.

IMG_4763 IMG_4819

And these two tiny squirts were crazy. They stayed on central time which meant 515am wake ups. For. Five. Days. (dear lorde). They came with us on our hikes. They napped in the car, on our shoulders, in our arms, in a closet. And yet, they were amazingly tolerant of our crazy outings and new routines.

IMG_4792 IMG_4838

Yes it’s exhausting to travel with little ones. But so totally WORTH IT. This weekend was soul-food for us.

IMG_4908 IMG_4914 IMG_4916So I promise the video is being made. There are mountains, and hiking trails, and waterfalls, and cuddles, and sleepy kids, and beautiful scenery, and juggling kids, and dancing and rocks and streams and….well…..I guess all the best of Colorado. (by the end of it, you’ll want to live there too). So stay tuned….