in motion. some of our may fun

We are heading off on vacation for the next week, so it’ll be quiet around here. For your viewing pleasure, here is a compilation video of some of our last month’s fun!

1) Ethan drawing on the Ipad. Not surprisingly he loves to draw airplanes. And we just read a shark book so he was going for that too.

2) Seeing them together is too fun

3) This kid is (almost) fearless.

4) Oh the giggles. Did I mention that she gets absolutely GIDDY around Ethan?

5) First take. I kid you not.

6) He LOVES planes. Loves loves them.

7) He jumps, she laughs and jumps herself. It’s adorable.

8) Rain boots and shorts. He dresses himself. So proud.

9) Ok. When it’s just me and Evy, I figure what better way to get some aerobic exercise than to dance in cringe-worth-bad-dance-moves with the music pumping. And just you watch…she jumps more at the chorus. We have good times together she and I. Yup.

10) Birth order coming through — skipping the little slides and going right for the big ones.

11) E drawing. He LOVES to draw mountains.

12) Evy giving you giggles and dimples.






In Motion