dear daughter. four months


Dearest Evy

Little girl you are adorable. Your left dimple is as present as ever. You still have insane full-body stretches after napping or nursing. Your blue eyes are enormous and beautiful. Your fingers and toes are impressively long and you are very very low-key baby.

You prefer rotations of eat-awake-sleep but this month you’ve changed it up quite a bit too. You are extremely flexible with your “schedule” however you are still very predictable. You still nap 4 times a day (usually about 45min each) however it can be as long as 2 hours. You sleep well by yourself in your crib for naps, and around 8pm (give or take a few hours) you go “down” for the night. You nurse around 10pm, 1am, and 4am and go right back to sleep.

Playtime is slowly becoming more interactive as you can reach and grab with your hands now! You still love the Jumperoo and especially the play-mat. Books and your Sophie are frequently around, however your absolute favorite thing to do is watch Ethan. You just watch and smile, and laugh — legit laugh outloud — watching him play. And just when we think he’s playing too rough with you, you let out a squeal and giggle and we are frequently amazed how tolerant are you of him!

You are so easy-going, you really only cry for a few minutes before sleep. You love to smile, go outside wrapped or in the stroller. While wrapped, you have mowed the lawn with mama, sat through an entire worship rehearsal, cleaned the house, made dinner, and just overall hung out with us! You have the rolling-over-thing down and coo and ooh often!

Oh my little girl we love you. It has been a joy watching you get a wee bit older each and every day. Your expressive eyes (and raised eyebrows) and your soft cheeks and your kissable tummy….you are so loved.

love, dad and mommyIMG_3141 IMG_3164 IMG_3170 IMG_3165