echoing. strong women

These women are strong. My mom and mother-in-law. Sisters and friends. Teachers, church-ladies, aunts, and grandmothers. Authors and bloggers. Some of these women have little kids who call them mommy, and others love on others’ kids as their own. Some raised my mom, others raised me, and some are raising my kiddos with me.

They are brave. They have suffered the loss of a parent or an unborn child. They have chosen hard roads in order to be selfless and give life to others. They have held my hands as I cried ugly tears. They have laughed with me until we were both bent-over exhausted. They have called me out of my whiny and selfish moments. They have pushed me to follow Jesus, especially when it’s hard.

They have been employed as teachers and counselors, doctors and nurses, farmers and businesswomen. They run marathons and bake bread, lift weights and hem jeans, read books and plant a garden. They speak against prejudice and division and instead look for ways to build bridges. They get up to work at 5am, or stay at work until 2am. They invest in their neighbors and travel overseas to hug kids in Africa or China. They are flawed, raw, vulnerable women. They are my tribe. My warriors.
IMG_8976IMG_9464 IMG_9558 IMG_7567 IMG_1358 IMG_3566 IMG_6150IMG_4270 2015_03_Kleins064 IMG_8129 IMG_3974 IMG_1234 IMG_1051downloadAnd a special very Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. You have taught me how to love by showing me unconditional love. Your constant selfless actions reflect Jesus’s role in your life and for that I am constantly striving to be more like you, because that would mean I am more like Jesus. You are overwhelmingly admired by me and by our entire family. I can not describe my gratitude for all that you have sacrificed in being my mom…..all the late night feedings to migraine-management; and baking monster cookies and teenage-dating and worrying and praying and…. all of it. You are amazing. I love you.