stopmotion. applesauce muffins “all by ethan’s self”

Last week, Ethan was in charge of breakfast and he decided to try making applesauce muffins (one of his favorite breakfast meals!). I was so impressed how he well he made pancakes that I said ok to him “making it all by ethan’s self”.

He “read” the recipe (pointing to the numbers he knew) throughout the process and it struck me how much the kitchen provides reading/counting opportunities for him! 4 dry ingredients (flour, soda, sugar, cinnamon), 4 wet ingredients (butter, eggs, vanilla, applesauce), then mix it together! He carried all the ingredients to the counter, and measured them out himself (note the Tablespoon of cinnamon was a very heaping tablespoon). He even cleaned up himself (UNPROMPTED mind you. incredible kid). I helped out a bit with the obvious (opening the cracked egg, taking it in/out of oven) but he really did almost all of it himself….it took about 20minutes to make and 15minutes to bake.

Everyday when we take out a few of these from the freezer, he has had such pride in these muffins and tells us he made them “all by ethan’s self!”

(photos by me, song “sugar” by maroon 5 — a popular dance song for us, and the kid hilariously sings along).