dear daughter. three months old


Dear Evelyn,

Our little Evy. This last month has been a game changer in that you are old enough to smile and coo and grab with your hands and interact and…..eeeeeeeeee you’re a little person!!

Let’s talk sleep. Darling. You sleep so well. You FALL asleep on your own (so weird for us, but you prefer to just be laid down in your crib, on your side, with a paci….and you go to sleep). You have transitioned from cosleeping to the bassinet to your crib all this month and it went as expected but you did it! You still have 4 naps during the day, each about 45 minutes. And 3-4 nursings at night. You can sleep in the carseat, or wrapped, or in a packnplay….you are very flexible.

You are very very social. When someone meets your eyes and starts to talk, you respond by cooing and oohing and talking!. You constantly look around, very much interacting with who/what is around you! This makes playtime especially fun for us! You have a wonderful ability to look at books and it’s now a highlight of playtime for us. About 2 weeks ago you started to roll over to your tummy on your own, and this week you discovered how to grasp/reach for things with your hands! It’s a huge step because your ability to “play” has opened up a whole world of new toys and things to learn.

Beautiful blue eyes, light colored hair, wrinkly long toes and fingers, ridiculous soft skin. One left-sided dimple. Flexible and tolerant. Easy-going. Content to be “independent”. Interactive. Vocal. You are so precious!

Happy 3 months old little girl! We love you!

mom and dad

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