stopmotion. today is the day….to make pancakes

Before Ethan was one year old, we had him helping in the kitchen. I want him to be able to make food, know what real food is, and not feel “shooed” out of the kitchen because he was a bit clumsy or messy. Despite what some people think, I feel the kitchen is PERFECT for toddlers. Counting cups and measuring, tasting (almost) anything as we go, textures and smells. Learning what is hot and cold, or sharp or not-sharp…instead of being afraid of it, he has a healthy understanding of these things. The kitchen engages all of the senses and I see his little brain go WILD with learning. Plus, I simply accept that anything can be cleaned up later. So when we make meals (including breakfast), he helps.

Ethan knows that plain flour isn’t so great to eat (and always grabs a quick sip of water for the sticky-near-choke that usually happens after eating a bunch of it dry. ha.). He says salt is “spicy” and sugar is “more please”. Blank stares of the taste of baking powder, and “mmm” for vanilla….


So yesterday, we had him make pancakes. As in — he wanted it for breakfast, so he needs to make it. Grab the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook (always SO GOOD, plus it shows a picture of each step), and he did it all himself (well, I did a bit….opening the egg he cracked).


I’m so proud of him. You guys. they TURNED OUT. Even with the slight alterations of measurements (it’s hard to “top off clean” a cup of flour!, and the measuring of the milk was a wee-bit more than it should have been), they were totally awesome.

(photos by me, song “today is the day” by lincoln brewster — one of e’s favorite songs right now)