companions. a morning with kyle and sara

Last Saturday morning included three hours of perfection. How? Simple. A drive to our friends’ home to do life together. What does that mean? Well, it means doing our normal stuff…. just with people we love. Breakfast, playing, more playing, snacks, and then playing again before heading out for naps. 2 2015_03_Kleins004 1These people are our family. They love us and our kids. Playing with their puppy, puzzles, wrestling, watching the river, cuddles and smiles, nana bags, cards….we played and played (and tried to get some talking in) and played and played!

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And after all the playing, we saved the best activity for last. Guitars. Outside. Our son was in his element. Our daughter looked around. We sang ABCs. And breathed in the air.7 2015_03_Kleins097 6

The three hours together passed by too quickly, and it was soon time for naps. (for the kids primarily but the adults were pretty tuckered out too). So after a few cuddles……..2015_03_Kleins111

…..we packed up the car and headed home with both kids fast asleep. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.