in motion. march

For your weekend-viewing-pleasure, here is a mash-up video of snipits from the last few weeks!

1) Ethan swimming with Nana — the float vest is so great for the deep pool

2) Evy on the deck outside for the first time

3) Evy hanging out (and just sorta think she’s adorable in this one)

4) Waiting for the bird show to start at the zoo — and you guys, I did it with BOTH KIDS! Score.

5) Ethan helping Evy with her bath — seems like a bad idea, but it actually works quite well!

6) Just an average Saturday morning, you know. Ethan playing guitar and singing (can you guess the song?) and Evy watching and “dancing” (we’re starting early with her)

7) Evy’s voice. No words. Love her sounds.

8) Probably my favorite of them all. True Ethan. His reading. His “my slip”. His “turn out?”. His “my see it”. It’s our life.






In Motion