everyday. real affection

(insert squeal)! I’ve been so anxious to try out photos in our new family room (neutrals! HURRAY!!). So what better way to wait for Matt to come home on a Monday afternoon than by taking some photos of our kids! And I’m so glad I did, because something special happened….

I really just wanted to see what the lighting was like by the window so I grabbed just-fed-Evy and all-done-ethan-who-has-my-phone and got some great test shots of the afternoon light…..

IMG_8826 IMG_8828

But after about a minute, Evy started cooing at Ethan. He looked at her. and ditched the phone and just wanted to be by her. He requested to hold her, then “diss way”, then “no dat way”, then “lay by baby evy??”, then “kiss her”. He did all of this all on his own. Unprompted. Just giving her real affection. I managed to keep taking photos while attempting to not have the toddler smother or drop the baby. And you know. They were perfect together.

IMG_8856 2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg IMG_8807 IMG_8884 IMG_8851 IMG_8877

So the verdict is in. I love our new room. Love. Love. And our kids have matching blue eyes. (and clearly i will always put them in blue clothes to emphasize that fact). And I’m kinda totally in love with these kids. (and by the way, does that last photo totally look into the future as them as teenagers? weird moment, but totally excited).