phoneography. two kids and just me

Well you guys. I DID IT! I got through an ENTIRE DAY on Monday with two kids and just me. And we all lived to tell the tale. With limited outfit changes. With both kids alive and fed (and I dare say even happy). With no destroyed toys or injuries. With no tantrumed toddler or smothered baby. PHEW. I learned last week a few things to set me up for success for this week

  • Prepack the bags, including snacks and water, so I can stuff both kids in the car and leave at a minutes notice when desperate (or just good timing)
  • Premake lunch the night before so I can picnic it on the couch while nursing the baby
  • Find a friend to hang out with, or if none around, get OUT of the house once
  • Save the screen-time for the very end so I can do a quick pick up and dinner prep…thus our evening was set up for success too
  • Pick out a cute outfit, throw on some mascara, and I’ll feel good knowing I look good (booya)
  • When in doubt, just embrace the chaos.

So early in the morning, we went to the one place that has minimal outside walking (in -35degree windchills) and that I can manage both kids on my own. We love this indoor park. So SO much to do and he will spend (kid you not) almost an hour jumping! It’s nice on a weekday morning since it isn’t very busy and I was able to just wrap Evy to me and then hang out for a few hours watching Ethan play!

023 024And he is too cute playing there….check out the video clips….

The rest of the day was really good. Ethan made it the ENTIRE day with no time-outs and Evy had great rotations. Ethan was slightly obsessed with her, wanting constant cuddles and pictures and videos of them together, but I managed to keep a variety of activities going. Nap time was the toughest with holding Evy (fussy) while also trying to sing songs to Ethan, but by divine-intervention it worked. I DID IT. Which means I can do it again next week :–)