everyday. twenty minutes in the playroom

We absolutely love the playroom! And now, during the day, when Ethan and Evy’s awake-time overlaps, we go into the room for some playing! The newest discovery over the last week has been the Legos. He will sit and build creative towers on his own…for up to an HOUR! It’s fabulous. And he always wants to show Evy his creation as well! Evy does really well and sits on the chair or lays on the floor and watch us.

IMG_7904 IMG_7885 IMG_7903 IMG_7861 IMG_7852 4.jpgHe truly does adore her. “Oh! Hi baby Evy!” (smothers her (almost literally) kisses and hugs).

IMG_7843 IMG_7848Evy’s awake time is so great! Her coos, and smiles. Each day gets a little more of this love.


Of course there are songs involved too….

1.jpgOh, and I-Spy books. I think we now have 6. Plus library ones. This kid LOVEs I-spy. And he wanted Evy to do it too…..


IMG_7839You guys, this is the fun part of this stage of parenting these two kids during the last week. These beautiful 20 minutes. (and thankfully it happens a few times a day with each of her rotations :–). But between the rest of the minutes, it’s a free-for-all for attention, who gets to eat first, who gets naptime first, who goes potty….sheesh. That’s another story. BUT. These twenty minutes. My heart goes into a million little drops of gooey love. Watching him want to teach her how to play and learn. Her watching him. Melt.