dear daughter. one month old


Dearest Evelyn,

Little Evy. How precious you are! You have changed so much in the last two weeks! Your eyes have become more and more blue, your hair is light brown, and you are already in mostly 3 month clothes. You have a very good 2-3 hour rotation during the day of Eat–>Awake–>Sleep which makes it easy to care for and anticipate your needs.

Nursing is going wonderful with you! You nurse 10-15minutes every 2-3 hours during the day and mommy has no pain with it anymore! During the evening, you eat almost every hour from 6-9pm and then you wake up around 2am and 6am for nursing again. Sometimes you eat every 3 hours at night too, but usually it’s longer giving us some time to sleep. Daddy responds to your needs from 9p-1am and mommy takes you 2-6am. That way we each get a chunk of (hopefully) uninterrupted sleep.

Your awake time is our favorite. After nursing, you are happy and content for about 30 minutes. You lay on a blanket and watch us in the kitchen, or you’ll look at toys or books with us. You have started to SMILE! And coo! You wiggle and kick your legs often and do a wonderful job moving your head and getting some tummy time in. Ethan loves to walk up to you and say “oh! hi baby Evy!” and then he lays on his tummy and wraps an arm around you. He’ll put toys on your tummy too for you to “play” with.

After playing you get fussy. Oh yes. You grunt, squirm, squeek (seriously, you have a squeeky cry!). Sometimes you just want to be held or wrapped and you stay awake for another chunk of time…But usually, after about 10 minutes you show us your first yawn. By Yawn #4, you are usually asleep — either swaddled in our arms or wrapped in the Ktan. You can even lay by yourself asleep for 15-30 minutes which is wonderful! At night, we are starting to lay you next to us instead of in our arms so you start getting used to going to sleep by yourself.

You don’t love the carseat unless you are very tired, however it hasn’t stopped us from taking you to the zoo, MOA, indoor parks, and family/friends homes! You’ve had a small cold this week with a stuffy nose which has made nighttime and feedings more challenging, but you still are plenty happy during the day!

You are a wonderful little girl. Your signs are clear and predictable. You do very well with a regular (but flexible) rotation schedule, and you are so precious to us. We love you!

Love, daddy and mommy

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Dear Daughter