dear daughter. two weeks old


Dearest Evy,

Hello our darling daughter. You have adjusted to your second week of life quite well. You have a predicable eat-play-fuss-sleep cycle that repeats every few hours. In the evenings, you eat once an hour for about 3 hours, but then you manage to sleep from 9pm-3am with only one or two feedings and you usually fall right to sleep. You are a noisy sleeper with lots of grunts, and your cry has become more insistent, but we usually can anticipate the need and help you out.

Your eyes appear to be blue and your hair is a sandy-brown. We loved giving you your first ‘sink bath’ and you just looked up at us, content as a little peanut! You have an adorable little voice — especially as you look at books during playtime or just looking around the house. You do prefer to be swaddled in a blanket laying in our arms for sleeping, but you are able to sleep next to us or in the packnplay as well.

Daddy is back to work, Ethan goes to daycare part-time, so you have most days with just mommy at home. We love holding you and cuddling you — and watching Ethan give you constant hugs and kisses always warms our hearts! We can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring as your temperament and personality quirks start showing themselves more to us. We love you!

love, daddy and mommy








Dear Daughter