dear daughter. one week old

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Dear daughter,

Hello Evelyn! Welcome to our family dearest girl!

You arrived one week ago, 9lbs 11oz and 22inches long. Light brown hair, with dark blue eyes — we have no idea what color your hair or eyes will turn out to be as you get older! Your nose is perfect pudgy, fingers and toes are long, and the softest baby cheeks we have ever felt.

Dad’s favorite moments with you — laying in his arms for hours as you sleep. And the little noises you make after a sneeze. Mom’s favorite moments — day three. Somehow, some-reason, your pudgy cheeks and quiet breathing went right to my heart and I thought, “i love you”. That moment. That moment is sacred. And day six — during a fussy time I started singing to you and you immediately calmed, and within minutes fell asleep in my arms to my voice. That moment. Ahhh.

Sleeping and nursing is going well. You have a pretty obvious “cluster” time when you nurse for about 15min each side, sleep for 30min, and wake up. Repeat for 2 hours and then you usually sleep for 2-4 hours. This happens during the day and at night. You can sleep by yourself in the living room packnplay for up to an hour, but often we enjoy holding you as you nap.

During the night, we take shifts so we are able to rest. Mama responds to your cluster feeds in the evening and we all head to bed at 8pm (ish) and you sleep in our bed with us with dad on baby-duty. Around 1am mama takes you downstairs for nursing/sleeping so daddy can get a good chunk of uninterrupted sleep. You sleep so well. You have also started have some several chunks of 1-2 hours of awake time. You’re loving the books with the big shapes and laying on the kitchen floor watching us.

We are doing everything we can to ensure nursing goes well, and so far, it is going fabulous. You have a good latch and mama is trying to reduce risks of blisters and infections with new positions and frequent checks that everything is OK. We have tried the Paci a few times when you are overtired and fussy, but you seem rather impartial to it.

Your older brother Ethan is almost 2 1/2 and frequently asks to hold you or lay by you or give you hugs. He reads books to you, showing you what’s on the page. You amazingly sleep through his loud dance parties and guitar concerts. He of course has some adjustments with you in our home and taking up our time, but he has done very well.

Your presence in our lives has been wonderful. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents. You are a wonderful baby. Evy, we love you.

love, dad and mama

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Dear Daughter