meet evelyn rose

Meet the newest member of our family! Evelyn Rose.

Evelyn was our favorite girl name since learning we had a daughter. (And we will fondly call her Evy (eh-vee)). The middle name Rose in honor of my mom and sister. And, icing on the cake, we simply love the two names put together.

I woke up on Wednesday Jan 21st 6:30am with some watery discharge, but it was mild and didn’t think anything of it. Around 9:30am I started having some cramping/contractions, but I had had on/off similar symptoms for several weeks so didn’t really highlight it, however it was bothersome enough that Matt stayed home with me in the morning while Ethan was at daycare.

At 11:20am, we went to our (already) scheduled 40 week prenatal clinic appointment and mentioned the symptoms to the midwife. She did a swab, and walked in and said “Congratulations! Your water broke!” –> followed by a pelvic exam and said, “Oh sweetie. You’re at 6cm, you need to go to the hospital!”.

We drove right to the hospital at 12:30pm, was quickly ushered into a room, did some breathing and swaying, measured at 8cm, and after some quick (yet so so so painful) pushing, 1:41pm we held our daughter. The best part — the entire process went smoothly. Some bleeding after that was prolonged, but NO tears. I was actually able to get up and walk around within a few hours and we were able to go home after 24hrs.

What else can we say? Well, we’ve only known her for less than 48hrs….but…… she’s 9lbs 11oz and 22inches long. She has a classic cry with a bit of a squeak when she’s cold. She’s a great nurser. She has dark(ish) fine hair, hard-to-tell-color-of-eyes, a pudgy nose, solid arms and legs with rolls, and she looks wonderful. We are taking a few days alone at home to get all situated, and can’t wait to introduce her to Ethan this weekend!

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