everyday. passing the time (full term)

It’s been a tiring last few weeks of pregnancy. Stop and go contractions, lots of hot showers to reduce the symptoms, several bowls of cereal a day to manage the queasiness…..oh it’s been a doozy. But despite those moments, there ARE good hours and we’ve managed to find lots of ways to pass the time!

On our due date, we drove over to Centennial Lakes (which was where we were a few hours before Ethan’s labor two years ago) to stand in the sun and watch all the ice-skating! And let’s say, it’s just as amusing for adults and a toddler to watch people who (clearly) haven’t been ice-staking how to skate. We watched it for an hour before the cold caught up to us and we headed home.unnamed

When I’ve felt up to it, I’ve used my extra down time to try out some new recipes (I’m working through the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook). And I’m now reading my FIFTH cookbook in the last few weeks. I finally decided to make rolls from scratch for the first time (ok, and 2nd time since the first batch was so yummy). So next time you need rolls (either Orange Marmalade; or Lemon Blueberry, let me know and I can make you some!). rolls.jpg copy

Then of course the home activities have remained mostly the same. Throwing balls down the stairs, guitar, dance parties in the living room, tons of reading books, window stickers, playing kitchen and cutting food, Nana busy-bags, visits from friends and family, outings to the Zoo and Good Times….it’s been OK. IMG_6190 pzzle.jpg IMG_6232 IMG_6247 book.jpgWith all of this, I’m trying to be thankful. Thankful that my symptoms are different this pregnancy than with ethan’s (NO swollen and cramping feet this time…and my wedding rings still fit! Thank you winter-time third trimester). Thankful I can still (mostly) cuddle with my hubby and he is so sacrificial with his time and patience. Thankful I still can sing Ethan’s bedtime songs as he plays with my hair and kisses me goodnight. Thankful I have amazing parents and parent-in-laws that check in frequently. Thankful that my sisters and sister/brother-in-laws are so encouraging. Thankful our friends are smothering us with thoughtful texts and prayers. Thankful my toddler is potty-trained, my husband’s work is flexible, and I am able to be home during these moments. Thankful our baby girl is moving, and every hour is meaningful growth for her. So we breathe on and wait.