reader. winter 2014 (aka waiting for baby to arrive)

Waiting for baby to arrive the last few weeks has been the perfect opportunity to sit and read books! Mostly cookbooks or food memories, I have LOVED filling my mind with ideas of healthy foods, new recipes, and beautiful photos of brilliant meals with stories behind them (it’s totally geeky I know. I blame my mother who does the same thing). I also did some parenting book reading as well as a novel and a memoir.

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: food from my frontier — If you haven’t yet discovered the Pioneer woman, now is the time. Her food is incredible (5 recipes this week and ALL amazing). Her food photography is step-by-step for each recipe and includes family-friendly-kitchen-budget-friendly food that people actually love to eat. Seriously. Check out her website, blog, or her books. Your tummy with thank you.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook — Another must-read cookbook from a home-cook, photographer, and blogger. Her breakfast and dessert sections are insane. Pushing your boundaries a bit, but not enough to scare you away from trying something new, this cookbook flaunts it’s photography and recipes with delightful stories to go with each one.

Dinner a Love Story — I have given away every copy of this book that I have bought, until I finally received it as a gift this year and I have loved reading through it again! More than a cookbook, this walks through the stages of cooking — first discovery on your own, then the chaos of young kids, then the blissful stage of older kids. It includes staple recipes for every-night cooking and reads almost like a journal. A must have for anyone starting out in the kitchen!

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg — This food memoir reads like a group of short stories from her life/childhood with tons of delicious recipes throughout the book. I slowly read it over several months and it was the perfect book to cuddle up and relax too before heading to bed. 

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Taylor — This was a fascinating read! Follow the author as she tries to understand darkness. Read her musings about caves, a day of blindness, dark emotions and psychiatry, fear, stars/moon, and how spirituality considers darkness. It’s an easy read but one that prompts thoughts regarding how light and darkness work together.

Chasing Francis by Ion Cron— This is a theological/philosophical novel that I was very skeptical of while reading the first chapter. But then I devoured the book in 2 days. It tells the story of a pastor, burnt out from organized american christianity who decides to discover the story of Saint Francis. It is beautifully written, thought-provoking, and a wonderful book!

Parenting with Love and Logic — A great read for parents. See my previous post here about this book.

Love and Logic Magic for the early years — a supplement to the Parenting with Love and Logic series, this book offers specific examples of applying the concept to children birth-age six.