everyday. we are still here

Hiya! We are still here. We are still prego (38 weeks!). We are still having dance parties in the living room. We are taking life, one hour at a time. We are the typical Minnesotan and complaining about the cold snowy weather in Jan that comes every.year. We are eating yummy home made food and often appreciating free meals from family. We are embracing fish once a week since E LOVES the meal the best. We are racking up a water bill with all of the showers to soothe my symptoms (and E strokes my hair and tells me it’s “O-tay” when I have cramping). We are braving the weather for slow walks at the zoo and spending most of our time doing I-Spy books with our toddler. We are reading lots of books (cookbook #3 for me in a week!), rewatching Sherlock, and having midnight cheerios. And we are depending on all the prayers and encouragement of family and friends as we finish the pregnancy and (soon) become parents of a newborn once again.

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