echoing. super-man-dad

The mama get most of the attention during a pregnancy. However……

Enter the dad. The SuperMan.

He does laundry three times a week because only two pants fit the prego mom.

He steps over toys and turns his head away from the dishes and instead gives his firstborn extra attention and snuggles in the evenings….the other stuff can wait.

He puts in hours of work managing stress and coworkers and projects, and arrives home and immediately starts managing the chaos of the repetitive toddler.

Like I said. SuperMan.


Matt’s primary love language is Acts of Service. He feels very loved when someone thinks of him and helps out. In turn, his first reaction in loving others is to do something that will help them out or make life easier. And. He has been OUTPOURING extra love on me for 8 months. All the things we used to divy-up a bit more evenly as a team, he has picked up my load. Cleaning up the spilled oatmeal (which is so frustrating to clean up). Carrying our tantrumed toddler for a time out. Walking the extra feet to get the mail (ok, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but to a 8-month prego woman who has to maneuver the slippery drive way down and the apparent steep walk back up; this actually matters :–).

Sheesh. This doesn’t even cover the laundry, and grocery shopping, and the toy-pick ups, and the hours of singing our son to sleep, and making the bed, and doing the budget and……..SUPERMAN. I tell you.

But as you can imagine. The extra outpouring of his love language must be exhausting. The tank runs low and you start running on fumes and survival. If this is true for him, he has managed it very well because he hasn’t ONCE complained or made this second pregnancy difficult.

So this is for you Matt. It’s to tell you I have seen all your love. I acknowledge all the extra energy you have spent caring for us. I appreciate all the little things I selfishly forget to thank you for. I’m sorry in advance for the times I’ll probably forget to love you like you need to be loved. But I promise to do my best to tell you and show you that you are needed and vital for our family and for our friends. You matter to us.

And you are SuperMan to me.