everyday. reverse dodge-ball

IMG_6020He calls it “throw ball stairs” which is really like reverse dodge-ball. E is at the top, adult at the bottom, and you try to throw the balls to the top landing where he is (trying NOT to hit him) and he tosses it back. The trick is, it needs to be hard enough to make it up there and not come bouncing back, but not too hard that it hits the back wall and shoots at you. Well. Sometimes the game is more like actual dodgeball because eventually there are so many balls going at once, he gets thwacked. And after the fifth smack, he asks for his penguin-ice-back for a bit of a break. And 20seconds later we do it all again! It’s quite impressive since he knows to throw balls against the back wall to ricochet it to get it faster. Oh also, it’s nice he lets me pick the balls since throwing tennis balls are SO much easier than the soccer ball and big balls that he prefers.