everyday. nana and papa staycation

Several weeks ago, we had a much needed staycation for an evening and ethan spent the night at nana and papa’s! Amanda was there and took all these photos of their time together!

The special activity for the day was making Kuchen. This is something Papa’s mama made often and is SO yummy. It’s quite intensive and takes most of a day to fully make since it’s all from scratch. It’s breakfast, snack, dessert, or even lunch (if I eat a whole pan). Mom even prepared ingredients so ethan can make his own mini-version.

kuchen1.jpg kuchen2.jpg kuchen3.jpg kuchen5.jpg kuchen7.jpgThe day was then spent in typical “nana/papa-house” activities. Outdoor play, 1980s little-people play, feeding “baby”, legos, books, piano…..

playroom.jpg snow.jpg indoor.jpg IMG_3082 piano.jpg reading.jpgHe had a wonderful time and we had some much needed rest! Thank you!!