everyday. potty training

The phrase Potty Training is really a misnomer. I’m not sure how much “training” there is, rather it’s more just awareness. There isn’t a right or wrong way. Parents have a 5-year span to do it. And, somehow, parents and children survive it and we all become independent at this skill.

Like most kiddos, Ethan pees the second warm bath-water hits his feet. And Matt’s response, “good job!! You’re peeing!!”. Did that for a few months, and then we put him on his mini-potty at bathtime and he’d do it. Did that for a few months.

And then diaper changes became a wrestling match. And with a prego belly, I lost most of those matches. We knew he knew HOW to pee on cue……So lets do it.

Do you know how much stuff you can get at the Dollar Tree for $27? Um. 27 items. So that’s like 5 types of stickers, glitter glue and tongs of crafts, glow-in-the-dark snap bracelets, coloring books….you name it. Plus. What better way to spend thanksgiving then saying the word “pee” every 15 minutes?! We had 2 days alone at home with him, and a long weekend to adjust, and it was the best time for us. “All done diapers” (which he was thrilled) except for nigh-night.

Day ONE. Naked Ethan + train-sound-alarm-on-our-phone + every 15minutes put him on the potty + tons of water + over-the-top-joyful-parents = training. If he sat there, or went, he got a sticker. (and yes, every few hours we had “NEW” stickers which kept his interest. Because really for a toddler….who cares).



And you know what? We survived the day. Only 2 accidents in 12 hours. Not bad.


Day TWO. Alarm every 20-30minutes + new activities = no problem….well. except the adults were going stir-crazy.


Then add in the underwear + “good job it’s dry!!” + saying “wet or dry?” every 30minutes = good. Then try an hour outing to HomeDepo (which those bathrooms are WAY loud with the dryers and the flushing and he refused, but it was worth a try). A few wet drips on the underwear but he got it.

IMG_5380Side note. Yes. Ethan ALWAYS picks un-matching socks. His choice. Not going to argue. Anyway — finish off the day with MORE dollar tree crafts and activities. 


Day Three. Trip to Grandparents (one hour car-ride, no accidents!) and continued 30-60minute trys and we got through the day dry! Fabulous!


Yesterday was day four and we had a few more accidents including one poopy-underwear, but as long as we anticipate the hour, he does pretty well. We figure we’ll initiate it for a while until he starts understanding that “feeling” to tell us before he needs to go. And then we’ll eventually get rid of nigh-night diapers. But we have 3 years to get this all done. So until then, we’ll just carry 3 extra pants and underwear with us and call it good. Phew.