phoneography. ethan and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

20141030_143704 (1)Somedays are just bad. Somedays three 5am mornings of big-bed-freedom isn’t so great. Somedays the toddler just yells and hits and kicks way to much. Somedays we just survive. Somedays means you mess up your room, lay on the floor bawling refusing to do anything but yell at us as we wait for you to calm down….for THIRTY.MINUTES. Somedays you are a tiny toddler that has human emotion. Somedays are, thankfully, infrequent But this week has been one-long someday.

To the parents with older kids, thank you for your encouragement that “this too shall pass”

To the parents with toddlers, you are not alone

To OUR parents who put up with their fair share of days like this with us, bless you. and thank you for not putting us up for adoption or killing us or locking us away after days like these.