travel. the wedding (colorado 1 of 2)

Last month, my sister Christina married an incredible man. She and Peter live in Colorado and (to my complete DELIGHT) chose to have their wedding in Aspen. In the Fall. Epic.

givingtreephotography-com_0070 givingtreephotography-com_0094 givingtreephotography-com_0099

givingtreephotography-com_0124 givingtreephotography-com_0125

I realize the photos look fake, but trust me. The backdrop of Aspen was truly this beautiful. 70 degrees and sunny. Colored trees everywhere. And 360 degrees of mountains.

givingtreephotography-com_0076 givingtreephotography-com_0077 givingtreephotography-com_0078 givingtreephotography-com_0079 givingtreephotography-com_0082The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was a blast. And overall it was the perfect wedding.

givingtreephotography-com_0103 givingtreephotography-com_0107 givingtreephotography-com_0108 givingtreephotography-com_0111

Something about everyone dressed up for family photos always makes me smile. And the photographers even got a few of our little family of three (almost four) as well!

Pre-Ceremony-345 Pre-Ceremony-343 Pre-Ceremony-372 Pre-Ceremony-373CONGRATS you guys!

givingtreephotography-com_0095Your wedding photographer Giving Tree Photographery was incredible (and took all of the photos, plus hundreds more).