everyday. a boy, his bomber jacket, airplane, and tricycle

(disclaimer. this was not staged. yesterday, 630pm)


Ethan to us: “plane? high?” 

Sorry buddy. It’s just pretend.

“plane high now?”.

Yeah, no. It’s pretend.

(pointing to hole). “Batteries?”

No, it doesn’t fly.

Tilting head to the side. “Broken?”

No, it’s just….well. sure. Yes, it’s broken.

“Fix it?”

Oh. no, we can’t fix it. It doesn’t fly. It’s pretend. It’s a toy. vrrrooooom. see?

tend toy?” . wrinkled up nose. confused stare.

IMG_4482 Plane? Bike?

Oh buddy. I don’t think it will work on the bike.

Bike? BIKE??

Ok, you can try it, but it won’t stay. it’ll fall off.

(e placing it slowly on the back. seeing it stay. looks up at us with a huge smile). “STAY!!!!”

(procedes to go very very slowly down the sidewalk. frequently looking back to make sure it’s still there. and prompting every passerby to say “that is a cute picture”. in which prompted mama to go back to get the camera)


matt to me – “somewhere, a magazine is dying. a toddler boy in a bomber jacket with a vintage plane on his red and chrome bike.”

IMG_4490(ok, I had to stage and ask for ONE smiling one)

Grandpa and Papa. This post is for you. Your grandson is adorable. And clearly is used to airplanes being able to fly high. since he was baffled by the “pretend” one.