everyday. vermillion falls

Fall in Minnesota. Bright colors. Crunchy leaves under foot. Fresh cool air.


Us. A family (almost) of four. A 2 year old who will throw rocks in water for hours.

rocks.jpg IMG_4447 IMG_4444

Yesterday we headed down the road a bit to historic Vermillion Falls. The river flows right into the Mississippi and has beautiful trails to hike down to the water. So…. most of the edges were not child friendly, but Ethan has a nice balance of a healthy fear of heights and independent determination. So we conquered the hike well!

IMG_4343 IMG_4335 IMG_4241 IMG_4252

The water was beautiful, and about 30 minutes of rock-throwing later, we ate some snacks with dirt-filled hands, runny noses, and the beautiful view.

throwingrocks.jpg IMG_4329

And being 27 weeks pregnant….I was pretty proud of myself for doing all the activity and LOVING it the entire time!

IMG_4281 IMG_4278 IMG_4275

Some quick field photos too….because I just couldn’t resist.

IMG_4401 IMG_4395 IMG_4383 IMG_4373 IMG_4407

And yes. You should spend your next free evening here, because it’s beautiful. Oh, and bring us too. We’ll be going again soon!