everyday. i think i’m too old for rides


Let’s start with the obvious observation that I didn’t foresee until 8 minutes into the rides. Going on rides, while pregnant….not so great for the nausea. I felt totally ridiculous closing my eyes during the KIDDIE rides on our special outing to MOA. And two of them I did not anticipate being a problem for me, were close-calls about 30 seconds into it. So I stuck to the roller-coaster and trucks, and Matt enjoyed the rest with Ethan. Since Ethan was so small, the mandatory adult got to ride for free — but someone needed to be with him for each ride ( haha! and let me tell you, those little belts and leg-room-measurements were not designed for adults)

IMG_9236(this was the first one I tried with Ethan, but since we were the first ones on it, i didn’t get to see it actually in action — evidently it whips you around the corner. Ya. That was a little rough — for both adults :–)


IMG_9232(haa! didn’t know this one did forward; and then backwards. yikes. I am such as wuss)


Ethan became bored with it after about 10 rides and so we moved on to dinner and then headed home for some bedtime books. But it was a great way to get out of the house for a special “birthday” treat for him!