everyday. our baby

Yesterday we finally were able to see our Baby! This little person that will joining our family! The scan was so amazing to see (and this time around, I felt well during the scan so I could enjoy it!). All the tiny toes, the beating heart, sucking thumb, fingers…..



babygirlWe honestly sat there sorta stunned. Not because we thought it was a boy….just because…a girl. A GIIIRRRLLLL. Daughter. Sister. Wow. A million thoughts went through our brain — and our first unedited thoughts…. ’i don’t do pink’ (mama)‘can i wrestle her and throw her around? (dad)

But then, this little guy reminded us it’ll all be OK. He said he thought it was a “baby sister” this morning. And again this afternoon. And again this evening. He never changed his answer. (check out the videos here if you want!)


So here we are. A family of four. With a son and a daughter. We are always learning what it means to parent our son (personality quirks and all with Ethan). And we will learn how to parent our daughter (and all her unique preferences and quirks too). Once we got out of our mind the stereotypes that boxed us in during the first few moments, we have taken some deep breaths of relief that we will figure out this family-of-four thing just like we figured out how to do a family-of-three. She is her own little person and she is loved. So I ran upstairs to get my one new PINK shirt to wear for a photo. We told ethan over and over he has a sister to love, just like we love ethan.


Hello Baby Girl.

IMG_9941(a few side predictions from the scan, the technician said “she may be a tomboy! she has long legs like mama and is VERY active!)