everyday. snapping green beans

IMG_9700No words can describe how much he LOVES helping us in the kitchen! (and honestly it’s kinda nice because then I’m not multitasking dinner and a toddler tugging at my hands to play!). He loves to snap green beans and get them ready to eat (and about 50% of the time throws away the correct pieces). He favorite is probably baking — making pancakes, or muffins…he gets his own bowl and ingredients and does pretty well with it! Stove-top and grilling is a little more tricky, but he understands that those things are hot and usually leaves it alone pretty well. Now, if you REALLY want to make a little kiddo happy, try giving him a hand mixer (buttons! noise! yummy mashed potatoes on the end!). It’s too fun having him around (although, it’s so much better with an extra adult too….so mealtime is usually a family event for us!).