dear son. two years old


Dearest Ethan,

Today, you are two!! You are the first kiddo to call us mama and daddy, teaching us what it means to become a parent, and we love you dearly!

“Hiya!” is how you greet us each day. You love things in order and routine and do best when told what’s coming up next for the day and tomorrow. When we start up meals in the kitchen, you drop your toys and run to scoot the chair over and help us out however you can. When you’re tired or sad, you still run our hands through your hair, or even our hair when you give us hugs tight. We make sure you “toes? arms? knees? butt?” are all tucked in tight at bedtime and read lots of books and sing you to sleep.

You respond well to reason, “first, then” options, as well as “5, 3, 1” warnings. Your episodes of throwing and hitting are few but occurs often when frustrated or bored. Our day is filed with a variety of interactions — art with paint and window markers, plato and mr.potato.head creations, reusable stickers, puzzles and books, racing trucks and cars, and building train tracks. Splashpads, the zoo, and parks are frequented often, and snippits of seasame street songs or skits are well loved during a rest time. We love to visit grandparents and friends and even skype with those we love who live far away.

Bathtime with colors (little crayola things that turn the water colors) and bubbles happen every night, and “potty time” has slowly crept into the schedule as well. You love your new tryclicle and can almost reach the pedals to do it yourself! We almost daily walk down the block to visit “lexi” (the beautiful dog) and see if the neighbor boys are out and playing.

This stage of you being “two” is a blast! It’s hard work (different than infant-hard-work though) of course, but you can talk! Your manners and “polietness” has really starting to occur on it’s own and we love to hear you say “more books mama please?”. You say “excuse you” and “bless you” at appropriate times, and exclaim “oh my goodness!” when you are excited! These moments of phrases and emotions make you seem like such a little person that it’s fun to watch you grow and learn!

How do we even describe the joy you have brought into our lives! You have taught us about our own selflessness and putting other’s before ourself. You have shown us the world of colors and laughter through your child-like joy and we have rediscovered the love of an innocent childhood. You are an amazing little person. We love you!

Love, daddy and mama







Dear Son