dear son. the little things you do at 20-22 months old



I know I’m going to forget small moments. But I desperately want to remember the little things that made you YOU at this stage. So I gotta write them down…

The Adorable

  • running your fingers through your blonde hair when you’re tired
  • saying “ess yu” after a sneeze or cough
  • singing along with bedtime songs
  • looking for your blanket and bear and snuggling your face in tight for a hug (“wee-wee and air” as you call them)
  • your huge smile — “hiya!” — and running towards friends/family to say hello
  • “mama. owie?” when i’m laying down, prego, with a headache and ice-pack. “iss?” — and a gentle kiss on my head

The Learning

  • counting to 13, getting about 1/3 of the ABCs, slowly getting shapes and colors
  • learning melody lines to bedtime songs or play songs
  • 2 and 3 word phrases
  • “if you ___, then you ___” or “first we ___, then you _____”
  • how to control your emotions

The Terrible

  • night-terrors or just screaming/kicking in the night, difficult to console
  • refusing diaper changes or brushing teeth
  • can’t change your mind once you think of something specific
  • biting when really excited

The Techniques

  • Making you say “no thank you” (comes out ‘no du du’) if you don’t want something
  • crib-time-outs for a few minutes if inconsolable tantrum
  • saying “sorry” when attitude is rude, hitting, or being mean

The Guaranteed

  • reading good-night gorilla and good-night moon before bedtime
  • trucks — all things trucks, or helicopters, or trains, or anything that moves
  • “S reet” (seasame street) music videos
  • any and all things MN zoo
  • any and all things “lexie” (the beautiful dog that lives 4 houses down from us)
  • typical playtime at home — towering blocks, puzzles, books, trucks, balls, wrestling, playing airplane, hide-and-go-seek, racing, stamps, train-set, trike with helment

The Yummy

  • you eat cherry tomatoes like blueberries, noodles with Parmesan, pancakes with powdered sugar, poptarts, chicken or fish
  • yogurt. bananas. any fruit.
  • you eat pretty much anything at this point. No huge aversions. If it’s food and someone else is eating it, you’ll try it too

Our little boy. What a wonderful big brother you will be. You already point out other babies and wave and are learning to be gentle. Your tiny soft cheeks. Asking for repeated hugs and cuddles. The good of this time (usually) overcomes the difficult moments and it is truly fascinating to watch your language develop. We love you buddy.