everyday. refrigerator deep clean

This photo may need some explanation.


No it was not staged. And yes, he was there for about 10 minutes.

As parents to a toddler, homeowners, and type A people, we need to clean. It’s hardwired in us to be (mostly) clean/organized (most) of the time. And unless we set aside everynight from 8-10pm once E is in bed, we inevitably need to clean with a one year old under foot.

So our solution? See what he does once we start cleaning.

Our task this weekend? Deep clean the refrigerator. Like remove all the shelves and scrub that yellow stuff in the back.


Ethan’s solution? Pick up the hand vac and climb in. Started cleaning all on his own. For some reason, once all the shelves were removed, he thought it was a handy place to lay down. Even better, he just laid there — with his ear towards the hum — still moving his hand with the hand-vac to try and clean.

And he loved his new play place.


So we gave him our typical “5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute” warning that playtime was coming to an end. And one last smile.


There is now a visible (and almost audible) twinkle when we open our refrigerator. Who knew it could be this clean.