dear son. eighteen months old


Dearest little boy,

You are one and a half years old.

You are hilariously amazing. Crazy funny. Constantly loving. Occasionally frustrating. Tirelessly playful. And epically adorable.

We call you type A for many reasons. Your odd ability to pay attention to details, even at such a young age. You return things exactly where they were before. Example from yesterday — you walk into a basketball court filled with balls — you see the one soccer ball — go pick it up — walk out of the court and into the soccer area — hand the ball to a random parent — and go back to the basketball area and play. You understand basic cause and effect, and prefer order to chaos. Routine, like most kids I suppose, is a common calming factor for you.

You love to talk, both sign language and with words. We constantly encourage you to learn expressions. Teaching you happy, sad, and mad. Teaching you to learn to ASK, not just point and whine. And you know, you now say “please. dada. help” or “mama please food” without a prompt (well, we may just look at you until you say it, but it works). You have even astounded us and say “thank you” after given something.

Disciplining has been a new process the last few months. We have chosen to focus on a few things at this stage. No hitting other kids (no warnings, just timeout in our lap, looking at us for the lesson, then going over and saying your sorry). No random whining (you can be mad or unhappy, but you need to look at us, calm down, and tell us what you want). No throwing food/toys with a mean intent (no warnings, just means you are all done).

You eat all. the. time. We can’t play around the kitchen because you just ask for food. You love all types of meat, even fish. You love steamed veggies. Any and all fruits. Noodles with butter. Brown rice. It’s all yummy. But the best thing….is oatmeal. About 2 months ago you learned the word oatmeal, but it comes out “ablah-ablah”. You know how to make it, and even carefully pour the water in the bowl.

Daycare is amazing. You walk right in, wave goodbye, and go and play. You sit in a circle and watch the teacher. Nap for 2 hours on a cot. It’s awesome.

Our daily activities involve playing with toys, reading books, coloring, dumping out bins, playing with brooms and hand-vacuums, going down the slide and playing music. We visit the zoo at least once a week and you LOVE watching the Gibbons swing and play, as well as watching the birds fly around during the bird show. We visit the indoor kids park often with all the slides, jumping, and balls. And get together with other mom friends and their kiddos (Oliver, Nevaeh, Mitchell/Marshall).

You take one nap at 1230-2pm and go to bed now at 730pm-7am. You have been waking up lately screaming, almost terrified, and we often to have spend a while trying to calm you down or even sleeping on the floor by your crib. But usually you are a good sleeper. You love to take an evening bath, read your bedtime books, and sing to sleep.

You are such a great kid. We took two, five day trips without you this winter and you did great with grandparents both times. You have had mild colds and some ear issues, but nothing major since your ear tubes being placed. You love our friends and seeing other kids.

We love you so much little boy. We can’t wait to see you continue to grow!

love, mom and dad






Dear Son