everyday. two hours

Life with Ethan at this stage is so much fun. He loves to play, discover how things work and go together. We change activities so quickly sometimes, I thought I’d try to take 2 hours and picture each different thing we did.

Food = Ethan knows which drawer his bibs are in, and when he’s hungry (or when we ask him), he goes over to find his bib so he can eat. It’s now tradition for each meal and snack.




Picture Flashcards = many months ago, I took good-ol packing tape to some photos and created “indestructible” photo flashcards of our family and friends. We line them up and ask him to point to people we say. He knows 14 people. (I asked him, “where’s Nevaeh?”)



Art = Coloring crayons, window markers, fingerpaint. All things he loves. We keep the crayons in a little Tupperware for him to open (and precisely dump everywhere….may need to change that soon).



Learn the body = “Where’s your bellybutton?” So darn cute to watch him do it. We’ve done the typical nose/ear/hair as well. We’re trying to do some fun ones (just ask him to show you his smile or eyelashes…and get ready to laugh).


Living Room Play = our “unofficial playroom” has lots of fun toys. The old-fashion fisherprice toys (yes, this house was MINE when I was little!) are some of his favorites.


Hide and Go Seek = “ethan, do you want to play hide-and-go-seek?” Response– eyebrows raised, smile slowly forms, off running. This game will last 10-30 minutes. Not even kidding! I hide, he finds me, I scream, he screams, he signs “Moor???” and we do it all over again.


Stair Play = As we all know how totally fun stairs are to play on, the traditional ball down the stairs works for several minutes to keep the smiles coming.


Cupboards = So much stuff, so much fun, and too much to discover.



Family room play = the big place to hang out. Music is usually on (because he signs “music” and asks for “moor” if it’s too quiet) and lots of toys. Books, blocks, duplos.


Guitar = his favorite. We now keep it out so he can play with it (and ironically, put it back in the same spot every time). He knows how to “strum” and we make music.


You guys, this was in two hours. TWO hours! So we started at 8am and this only got me to 10am. So we had snack, more play, lunch, nap, more play, more play, and then backup arrived from work and played with him till dinner and bedtime. That’s our day!