dear son. fifteen months


Dear son,

Happy Thanksgiving! Words can not even express how thankful we are that God gave you to us.

We are desperately trying to document the little things you do…..

  • Playing with your hair when you are tired
  • Signing “nigh-night” when you want to go to bed or take a nap
  • Hide-and-g0-seek, with the screeches, and the signed “moor”? to do it again
  • Putting your guitar back, so gently and carefully, at the same spot every time
  • Your many expressions — raised eyebrows, huge eyes
  • All of your signs, making it so much easier for you to communicate what you need/want (more, food, water, milk, night, please, help, bath, play, music, guitar)
  • Even at this young age, following directions quite well — getting your bib before meals, putting crayons away when you’re done, getting your shoes (or boots as you prefer) before we go outside
  • Your little claps after a song is done
  • Learning to put your milk back in the refrigerator when you’re done
  • Seeing you cuddled up with your blanket and bear in your crib
  • Watching you point to friends/family when we say their name with our “picture flash cards
  • Holding your own spoon and cup, being so careful, trying not to spill

The hard things are there, but we work through them

  • Hitting when you don’t get your way, or just a fit
  • Refusing often to go up and down stairs on your own
  • Waking up crying, several times during the night, just needing to be cuddle

You eat everything. You go to bed at 630pm and get up at 730am. You nap once or twice, about 60-90minutes each. You give lots of hugs and wet-sloppy kisses. You page through books on your own and walk where-ever you want to go.

We love you so much,

dad and mom