echoing. some moments are just bad

There was a moment this week that was bad. Low self-esteem hit hard. The whisper that I am worthless. Realizing I desperately need a full night’s sleep, but our son just wants to be cuddled at 10pm, and at 2pm, and at 4pm. Having only 6 hours of daylight with the rest of the day covered in dark and cold. Stepping on Cheerios and old sweet potatoes. Feeling completely defeated and crying seems to do no good.

But then the call comes that tells you life is still good. The hug of a friend brings tears. The text of support. The post that life is OK.

And I lay in bed, breathing easier. Still bruised and broken, but I can sleep. I know that some moments are just bad. But it’s fine because I travel through this life not alone. With my hand held and people supporting from all sides, I know life is good. Even when it seems bad.

And this little guy, in all his drool and goofiness, gives me a sloppy kiss and hug when I needed it most.  And life moves forward.