dear son. one year old


Dear son,

Oh my little boy. You are 14 months old today. Your “toddlerhood” stage is in full swing. Long gone are the baby coos, spit up, and crinkle toys. Now you sign what you need, bang together all toys, look through books on your own, and give us the look of mischief.

Your new things — playing with shoes (and trying them on), walking (at 12 months!), signing (more, food, help, all done, please, milk, play), handing us books and sitting in our lap, finding the biggest slide at the playground to zoom down on your own….

Your emotions — affection (so many hugs and kisses, especially saying hello or goodbye), frustration (two or three failed attempts results in the object thrown and a fit on the floor)

Your foods — whatever we are eating you want to eat, along with your sippy of milk.

Your sleep –630pm-730am. A few weeks at the 13 month mark was terrible. And we finally just stopped the bottle going down, and just did books and cuddling. It took 7 days, but you are finally sleeping through the night. Your naps are still pretty random, but you average an hour around noon.

You mimic us when we laugh.

You carry around mom’s purse like it’s the best toy in the world.

You point to your crib when it’s time to go to bed.

We try our best to include you into our activities around the house…. you love opening the microwave when it beeps, “cleaning” the bathrooms with a paper towel, and picking up leaves outside. As cute as you were as an infant, this “new little helper and person” stage is hilarious and we are loving it!

Keep snuggling us in the morning, keep holding our finger to walk up stairs, finish drooling anytime you’re ready, and make sure you always say “mmmm” with each kiss on our cheek.

we love you, dad and mom






Dear Son