echoing. sleep training (again)

Oh Ethan. Please sleep.

We have hit our max. I don’t know what to blame. Maybe the trips, maybe the teething, maybe the newly-found-skill of walking, maybe introducing milk, maybe you’re just bored. Whatever it is…something has caused you to completely regress and now you wake up every few hours crying incessantly.


I know you’ll calm if we give you bottle, but with all your teeth and all your food, you get all your nutrients you need during the day. And I know you’ll calm if we pick you up and rock you for 20 minutes, but mama and dada need to sleep so we can love you and care for you as best we can the next day.

So we’ll come and pat your back. Whisper “It’s OK, It’s OK”. And you lay there. Crying, with your paci in your mouth, butt in the air, tears pouring down your face. We wait for you to calm, and then give you another 15 minutes. We’ll keep soothing you until you’re back asleep, but you must sleep.

We did this when you were five months old when you learned to sleep on your own in your crib, and you did great! Tonight is night three and boy, are we tired.

This next week will be hard. But I know you’ll figure it out. When you are 16 and sleeping 12 hours a day, we’ll barely remember this week of struggles. You are all smiles in the morning, and super happy during the day. But for now, we’ll take it one night at a time, in 15 minute chunks, and help you sleep through the night.