echoing. it’s good to be back

Hello friends! It’s GREAT to be back! The last month of no blogging has replenished my soul and creative juices. As much as I love documenting our lives, sometimes it’s nice to put down the camera and just live in the moment. I was able to do lots of reading and writing. Took photos and didn’t worry about getting them off the camera or editing them. So now is the fun part, going through photos from the last month and enjoying the process again!

Ethan loves our smartphones. It often entails a short sesame street video, or hearing someone’s voice. It’s shiny, and lights up with noises. What’s not to love for a one year old? With the recent obsession Ethan has with commandeering our phones, we dug in the bedroom closet and found an old smartphone for “ethan’s use”. Of course the battery doesn’t last long enough to even turn it on, but at least he can carry it around, drool on it, and throw it like a ball without worry of too much damage.