dear son. eleven months old


Dear Son,

First of all, this week has been terrible. We are coming off of ALL of us having fevers, illness, missed work, prolonged symptoms, whinny, teething, crazy weather, messy floors……’s been a doozy.

We snapped the photo last night as you protested. And we got two OK ones after dad tossed you up in the air (prompting a 3 second smile, quickly followed by a whine and twist-off-the-couch).

But. It’s still your 11-month-old birthday and we want to celebrate!!

You have so many more “toddler” moments than “baby” moments. Your play has started to have purpose. Putting shapes into hole. Opening and closing doors. Emptying out drawers and cabinets. Banging things together like cymbals. Pushing anything around the floor almost like cars even if they don’t have wheels. Climbing stairs ( you love stairs!). There are times when we grab onto each other and say “look! you can actually SEE him thinking and learning!” It’s pretty amazing. And cruising…you are SO close to walking…any day now….

You prefer to eat what Mom and Dad are you eating, but you are still a very good eater and eat almost anything. Eggs for breakfast, lunch meat and cheese and fruit around noon, and usually veggies/pasta or whatever else we are having for supper. You hand-feed yourself but have just started using utensils (messily) on your own. In addition to all that, you also have 3 snacks a day. You have started to self-wean from breastfeeding the past few weeks. Since you eat such a large amount of “table” food, breastfeeding doesn’t give you milk as fast as you want it so you get frustrated. We have started giving you a bottle or two of formula during the day to make sure you have enough nutrients. You still nurse once or twice a day. 

You have started sleeping more consistently through the night! You go to bed at 630pm almost to the minute, and wake up between 630 and 7 30 the next morning (with one or two fusses). Your napping times/length is very random, but on average you’ll take a longer nap at noon (1-2 hours) and a shorter nap in the afternoon. You actually take longer naps at daycare.

And boy do you love daycare. They say that you have wonderful days there. You get so much interactive play with crafts, other kids, lots of toys……we think it’s very good for your development.

Dad and mom are both very busy at work and love their jobs! We have enjoyed going outside more as a family and even did our first official bike ride to Dairy Queen (of course!!) last week.

You said your first words probably a couple of months ago but it’s still very inconsistent. However if we had to say it we would say that you can say dada on a regular basis. You have even said ball and “vooom” when you play with cars. We continue to teach you some basic sign language so you don’t get so frustrated trying to communicate with us. 

We love you! We are so excited to celebrate your one-year-birthday next month!

Love, dada and mama







Dear Son