echoing. capturing that perfect smile

I am often asked how I get so many photos of Ethan smiling. It helps that he is a very expressive kiddo….but it’s still a bit of a trick to get it on camera. With a kid his age, the smiles can be brief and the blinking can be frequent so a quick shutter speed is a must! After a LOT of trial and error, I have discovered the trick — he needs to see my eyes/face for a smile. Keeping my face behind the camera is not very exciting for him so he quickly loses interest and looks elsewhere.

Here is the process = Line up the photo and focus the lens before he looks at me. Then, trying to keep the camera in the same spot and very still, I peak my eyes over the camera….”Hi Ethan! hey buddy!”…he looks up….hold down the shutter…and I get the photo!

Overtime I have gotten quicker at this and now only need 1-3 photos for each “smile” attempt. And it’s amazing the facial changes that occur in milliseconds! Here is an example I got last week.




The second photo is my favorite and is the one I kept (and promptly made my background on my laptop). Uploading new photos from the camera is often the highlight of my day because I love the variety of expressions I get and never know what I may have captured!