echoing. happy 35 years!

This year marks 35 years of marriage for my parents. Oh the stories they could tell about love and parenting over those years. Medical school and pregnancies. Playing piano and playing tennis. Dad’s amazing pancakes. White-outs driving to North Dakota. Small group deserts (but not for us kids!) and weekends away as grandma watched us. Breaking into our own home when we got locked out. Hours of “100 games” and making paper-airplanes. Praying over meals and late-night devos in our bed. Mom saying “we don’t have a refrigerator” and dad putting on windshield-wipers instead of the lights. Huddling together as a tornado tore a tree through our roof. Mom looking in our ears when we hurt and dad teaching us morse code (you never know when we may need it!). Drawing out maps and making kuchen. Light night ice-skating and saturday morning cartoons.


Most of those memories are inside jokes with a ten minute story with each of them. But what you need to learn from them is this — They always make time to get away, just the two of them. They center their marriage and parenting with Jesus. They demonstrate honest work and play hard. They love each other like crazy.

1978 wedding mom and dad

There was a moment, not long ago, that I held my mom’s  hand. Clenched tight. Trying to breath. With tears and a shaky voice, she looked at me and desperately said “I can’t lose him. He is my best friend.” That moment, has stuck in my mind like cement. That all-consuming love for another person. That at 35 years together, they are best friends. What an amazing example for my own marriage. Thank you for your love for each other. And happy anniversary mom and dad!