dear son. ten months old


Dear little Ethan

How is it possible that you are TEN MONTHS old!? As we sat down to think about you, here was our conversation…

dad — “have you watched him take a bath? he. loves. it. I had to CLEAN THE WALLS and DOOR because he splashes like crazy and has so much fun!”‘

dad — “he flirts at daycare. he just tilts his head on his hands and smiles when the girls come. you gotta see that sometime”

mom — “how is such a little person so much work? he’s only 20lbs and not even 3 feet tall, and somehow he takes up almost all my energy and patience. but then i look at him and hug him and i can’t believe he’s mine. his soft skin is my favorite. i don’t even know how to process these emotions!”

dad — “do you know how good he is at throwing a ball? like he actually gets some air and distance!”

mom — “food just disappears around him. grilled zucchini. frozen peas. banana bread. taco meat….he somehow eats the same amount of food I eat!”

mom — “he KISSED me today! Like intentionally leaned over, mouth wide open right on my cheek, and then leaned back and smiled. i kid you not.”

dad — “he’s kissing ME!! He came at me, opened mouth, and walloped one on my cheek. i’m not kidding!”

dad — “him and I…we chase each other around the island. and the laughing that happens….it’s awesome. he really laughs with that!”

mom — “he does so much better when he’s outside or playing with people. it’s like he’s a new kid when he goes outside”

dad — “i love him so much”

mom — “me too”









Dear Son