echoing. six years married


Six years ago Matt said yes to marrying me. He said yes to my crazy night-working schedule for a year. To grad school for 2 years. To 4 different homes in 6 years. To changes in churches and small groups. To a woman who consistently forgets to make the bed, take out the garbage, or dust. To a woman who too often speaks before she thinks, and is often too selfish. To a woman who loves to try new recipes but refuses to make anything with mushrooms.  To someone who conveniently forgets to switch out the empty toilet roll. To someone who always seems to leave the toothpaste uncapped.


Six years ago, Matt said yes to all the hugs and kisses, tears and laughing. To easy years and difficult weeks. To bad hair days and chipped toenail polish. To 50 lbs weight change with pregnancy. To stretch marks and saggy breasts. To ponytails and short hair. To spit-up-stained shirts and drooled-on-pants. To migraines and stubbed toes.


I have no idea why he said yes. He had no idea what 2190 days of craziness would bring to this day. But I’m so glad he did. Because he makes me a better a person. Because Matt. You are my other half. And I love you. Happy anniversary love.