everyday. mei tai

When Ethan was teeny tiny, he loved to be wrapped to us. The KTan was used everyday for many weeks because it was the only way our little baby would sleep. However, that soon passed and he has preferred the stroller for most outings so he can look around. Ethan naps great in the stroller, but that mid-afternoon nap around 4pm is a bear. The little guy just won’t go down.

Enter the mei tai carrier. Now that he is bigger (and heavier and more squirmy), we wrap him in this mei tai wrap for our walk-around-carrier. It has more shoulder padding and distributes the weight on the hips. It’s slick to have around because it’s easy to keep in the car.

So, when afternoon rub-eyes and “frantic-playing” start to occur, we often wrap him. And he gives us this look.


But give it a few minutes of walking around with a paci, humming “all the little children are sleeping”, and soon…….


Ahhhh. This has been a precious season for us because we know, in just a few short months (or even weeks), he will be too big to nap against our chest. So for now, we cherish the sighs and the little sounds of the paci, and enjoy the cuddling nap.