echoing. bothered


I will likely live for about 80 years, but it could be much shorter than that. In fact, I know I have this moment right now…but who knows what tomorrow brings. Why am I breathing? Why did I wake up today? I look around. And certain things make my pulse beat faster. Certain things really bother me.

Children walking miles to get fresh water, bothers me.

Single mom’s, without hope or a way to be supported, bothers me.

The expense of fresh food for those who need it most, bothers me.

Churches on every corner in the suburbs, separated and not unified, bothers me.

Teens in homes that have never been told they are loved, bothers me.

People needing to ask for money on the street just to eat, and then sleep on a cot, bothers me.

Exploited adults and children, working for just cents a day, bothers me.

The average world income of $2 a day, bothers me.

Sick dads and babies, whose disease could have been prevented and their lives lived longer, bothers me.

In my day today, I have water to drink that doesn’t get me sick. I have food to eat that makes me stronger. I have friends and family that tell me I am loved. I have a husband that is paid fairly for his day of work. I have a son that can see a doctor at any time if he becomes sick.

I am extremely blessed.

But I am still bothered. And those things that bother me are God-given whispers and echoes to make a change. Those are the reasons God wants me to live. To fill those needs, to love people, and to live like Jesus lived.

What bothers you?