dear son. nine months old


Dear Ethan,

Little boy, you have grown from a little baby to a little boy this month!

You are discovering the world. You are so aware of your surroundings. Checking out what’s around you, turning towards every little sound and motion. Whipping your head around to watch every car or truck go by. Using your pointer finger to touch each new texture. It’s so much fun watching you discover new things.

You do this “army crawl”…pulling forward on your forearms and kicking your legs….to scoot everywhere. And then, to sit up, you back up as far as you can, putting your butt in the air until you can sit back…and then the best part = you clap, giving yourself a “yeahhh!”. It’s hilarious to watch. You are able to climb up stairs (well, at least one) and are so proud of yourself!

You giggle and laugh with dad in a very special way. You play peek-a-boo with him and have this awesome throaty laugh that knocks your head back and triggers a cough. You are super smart and know exactly where we are hiding when we play with you. You have discovered all the fun things of banging things together, rolling balls, throwing balls, dropping things. And you love to babble! Saying “dada” and buzzing your lips…you talk to anyone who listens! Playing outside is one of your favorite activities during the day, especially throwing the O-ball back and forth to us. You get so much joy from playing!

You are still a very content baby. Always smiling and laughing. The separation anxiety seems to be resolved with the newly discovered movement. You whine and cry often with diaper changes, mostly because you want to crawl away and do something else.

Bedtime is still 630pm and you wake up at 5am to nurse for about 10 minutes, and then wake up for the day at 630am. You take 2-3 30min naps each day, usually in the stroller or car, sometimes in the packnplay, and sometimes wrapped to us. Before your nap, you cuddle close to us for some books. You love the touch-and-feel books, Eric Carle, and Sesame Street. You nurse 2-3 times during the day, but only for 5 minutes or so. Early morning nursing is mama’s favorite because you are so calm, gently stroking her hair or caressing your head, bringing your knees all the way up to your tummy like a little baby.

You love drinking water and eating “real food” and are an amazing eater! And you definitely prefer to self-feed instead of using a spoon. This month we have stopped making baby food and now just feed you whatever we are eating because you love any food that isn’t mushy and pureed. We cut it into bite-size pieces for you….bread, noodles, eggs, bananas, graham crackers, fruits and veggies. If possible, we like to feed you on the deck so all the mess doesn’t need to be cleaned up by us!

Daycare is still going very well. Sometimes you struggle to nap because you want to see all the other kids playing, but you love it there! Your teacher Kris even says you even have a girlfriend! Another little girl there, about your age, that you love to smile at. You even crawl over to her to pat her back when she cries.

You get hugs and cuddles from so many friends! Your godparents Kyle and Sara love to hold you and play with you every week. We have lots of playdates with Laura/Oliver and Michelle/Nevaeh! And of course Grandpa, Grandma, Papa, and Nana love to come and visit and play. Aunt Alyssa and Uncle Luke get to babysit you for our date nights and Aunts Christina and Amanda see you via Skype!

You are growing up little boy. Your big blue eyes. Your orange-blond hair. Your droolly smile and two little bottom teeth. Your silky smooth skin and little hands and feet. You are an amazing little boy and we love you so much.

love, dad and mom







Dear Son